Kihyun, Jeong


Academic/ Employments/ Skills/ Awards/ Publications/ Exhibitions

Kihyun, Jeong graduated from Seoul National University of Technology in seoul in 2004. He studied automobile engineering & industrial design at the university. After some years working at mobile, navigation company.He has many experiences product design(Fashion product, mobile phone, navigation, industrial product, healthcare product) at company job. He then worked for 15years as one of a core company designers.


2018 Tail Lamp Design
2017 LG UPLUS Motion Sensor
2017 LG Uplus IP Camera
2016 Doorbell Design
2016 Network Camera Design
2016 Kids Watch Design
2016 LG innotek Non LCD Blackbox Design
2016 LG innotek Blackbox(LCD) Design
2015 IOT Gateway
2015 Indoor IP Camera
2014 AT&T Photo Sensor Design
2014 Outdoor IP Camera Design
2014 LED Bulb Design
2014 IP Camera Design
2014 AT&T Camera Device Design
2014 Gateway ceiling type design
2013 SEIKO USB 3G Modem Design
2013 Settop Box Mini Type Design
2013 3Coils Wireless Charger Design
2013 1 Coil Wireless Charger Design
2013 OLED Lamp Design
2013 Clip Type Routor Design
2013 Twist Wireless Charger Design
2013 Outdoor CPE Design
2012 Ceiling X-ray System Design
2012 Mobile X-Ray System
2011 Digital Radiography Mammography Design(Biopsy)
2011 Digital Radiography Mammography Design( No Biopsy)
2010 Boat Controller Design
2009 Industrial Indicator Design
2008 KRA Ticket Machine Design
2008 Finishing Design
2007 Laptop Sleeve Design
2007 Laptop Bag Design
2007 i-Navi Cassiopea Design
2006 i-Navi K2 Navigation Design
2006 i-Navi G1 Navigation Design
2005 Outdoor GPS Design
2004 ~ 2005 Mobile Phone Design

2004 ~ Product Design
Mobile, Navigation, Material/Finishing, Industrial Mechanic, Medical Equipment , IT Device


2015 Reddot Award winner
2015 IF Design Award
2014 Korea Good Design Award
2014 IF Design Award
2013 Korea Good Design Award
2012 Korea Good Design Award
2008 Korea Good Design Award
2007 Korea Good Design Award
2003 Korea Industrial Design Exhibition
2003 LG Care Competition
2002 KTF Mobile Competition
2002 SADI Competition

2014 KIDP Design Workshop (London / ENGINE Studio)
2012 KIDP Service Design Workshop(Spain Madrid/Mormedi Studio)
2008 KIDP Design Venture Establishment Education
2004 BA / Industrial Design / Seoul National University of Technology
2002 Automobile Engineering/ Seoul National University of Technology

2013 Star Product Designers(Spain)
2008 Story Book
2007 Living Sence, Vogue, Instyle, Cindy & Perky

2008 Atelier Project / Design Tag
2003 Seoul National University of Technology