Mobile X-Ray System

Mobile X-Ray System
– Modern Concept Design
– Steel Material cover
– Touch Screen LCD Monitor
– It is convenient to use
– Wireless Flat Detector



User Experience



기존 모바일 엑스레이를 바탕으로 최근 이루어지고 있는 의료장비의 변화 :
– 재질의 고급화가 이루어짐
– 자유로운 형태로 진행 됨
– 대부분 Column 방식임

SCENARIO /Workflow

사용자가 어떻게 사용하는지 분석, 관찰하여 문제점 파악

1. Bring X-ray unit to patients

Convenient to use, wherever you need it
• Outstanding motor-assisted maneuverability
• Compact design
• Lightweight system
결과 :
– 쉬운 이동, 방향 이동 (핸들 , 회전 구조)
– 이동 시 위험 요소 감소(Bumper, Break)
– Compact Design


2. Prepare the exam

Fast to prepare in every situation
• Flexible unit and detector positioning
• Counterbalanced rotating swivel arm
• Matched and predefined organ programs

결과 :
– 빠른 준비 작업
– 부드러운 ARM 조작


3. Acquire high-quality images

Ready to image at any time
• High imaging output with short exposure times
• Wireless flat-panel detector with outstanding resolution
• Emergency-ready design


4. See and check results on the spot

Primed to make quick decisions when seconds count
• Images available within seconds
• Image processing functions – directly at the patients bedside
• Fast and accurate image control

결과 :
– 모니터 각도 조절의 필요성
– 키보드(조작성) 필요
– 이미지 콘트롤


5. Share & store

Easy to store and recall X-ray images
• Transfer image data – wirelessly to and from your PACS
• DICOM-specific networking and archiving
• Digitize the entire clinical workflow

결과 :
– 모니터(각도)
– 저장 장치 콘트롤(dvd,usb..)
– 인터페이스 콘트롤




최종 컨셉
– 인간을 배려한 감성적 디자인



Medicla Equipment
2012 – Medien International
Designed by Kihyun

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